Thursday, October 20, 2011

Hollyburn Mountain on a Foggy Day

It was a cloudy morning in October when Richard and I headed out on what was my first hike since coming home from working out of province in Manitoba. It was such a nice familiar feeling on the highway, navigating towards the north shore mountains. Even though it was cloudy and I knew there would be no spectacular views to behold, I was excited to reconnect with the BC outdoors. When we arrived at the parking lot at the base of the trail, the sun actually started to burn off the thick cloud cover and blue sky was peeking through. Good start! We started off and it wasn't before too long the trail turned into a meandering stroll worthy meadow. The fall fauna was vibrant and enchanting as we made our way upwards.

From 2011-10-20 - Hollyburn Mountain, Cloudy Day

The trail was remarkably easy to hike at a speedy clip. Only a few spots along the way were steep enough to require switchbacks. This was a nice surprise as I felt out of shape and I wasn't sure if I was up for an uphill slog. Along with a slow climb in elevation, the trail surprised with with how varied the scenery was. Woods turned to meadows, turned to woods turned to rocky, bouldered landscapes. The higher we got, the more boulders there were to jump around on.

From 2011-10-20 - Hollyburn Mountain, Cloudy Day
As we reached the high point, the clouds had rolled in to steal my view. I knew this was probably going to happen, but I couldn't help but feel let down. We didn't stay on the peak for long. We snacked a bit on some cliff bars and then made our way down where the car was parked. Although we weren't rewarded with a view, the hike was nice and I felt rejuvenated - ready and excited for another hike.

From 2011-10-20 - Hollyburn Mountain, Cloudy Day


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