Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Sickness

I've been sick with Bronchitis for the past few days, but it's given me plenty of time to surf the Internet drooling over gear that I will eventually be stocking up on. I'll be doing a GIWAWIWI review on a pack and sleeping bag soon enough. For now, behold! My first camping adventure of the season will be in two weeks from now.

Camping on bowen island!

View Mt. Gardner in a larger map

We are planning for either the March 25th & 26th or April 1st & 2nd, whichever weekend has the most promising weather. We will be hiking Mount Gardner and then camping somewhere on Lake Killarney (Crippen Regional Park). I'll have a write up on the trek and will most certainly have GIWAWIWI updates in the coming days.


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