Sunday, March 20, 2011

What's got two thumbs and a new tent?

This guy!

Still grinning from my factory sale find! North Face was having a factory sale and I've chosen the North Face Rock 22 as my tent of choice for backpacking. As luck would have it, I got the last one! All the merchandise at this factory sale was discounted by 50%. My $220 tent cost me only $110. Brand new!

The reviews for this particular tent were mostly quite positive. There are a few negative reviews, but as with most things, this is normal. I weighed the perceived pros and cons and I feel I've made a good choice.

As soon as I got home, Richard and I unpacked the tent and set it up. No instructions necessary, as the tent was up and the rain fly was on in a matter of 3 minutes. There is ample room inside for two 72"x20"x2.5" Big Agnes Insulated AirCore Sleeping Pads (which will be reviewed here at some point), two back packs in the vestibules and several pockets full of goodies in the gear hanger in the dome of the tent.

The North Face Rock 22's walls are made of a mesh fine enough to keep unwanted critters out while providing a view of the sky. I'm hoping to catch some beautiful clear nights to forgo the rain fly and do some star gazing.

If you're interested, reviews can be found at Trailspace. Click on the Posts link under "Subscribe to" on the top right of my home page and you'll be notified when I do a review of this tent after I put it through some paces. So long until then.


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